Safety Deposit Box


Securely designed and constructed vault.

Any person 18 years of age or over can open a safety deposit box with our Bank, and shall provide two valid I.D. (at least one photo I.D).

Each box is provided with 2 keys. If one SDB key is lost, report to our branch to arrange for a duplicate key at a cost of $30. If both keys are lost, our branch will require a professional key smith to drill the box and replace the lock in front of customer at a fee of $250 for lock and keys replacement.

Competitively priced annual rental fees and special rate for seniors, the rent is annual basis, no other administration fee.

Available in 5 different sizes for annual rental on pro-rated calendar month basis:

3.25" x 5" $50
5"     x 5" $80
3.25" x 10" $100
5"     x 10" $160
10"   x 10" $250
(Note: Safety Deposit Box rentals are subject to applicable taxes; Ontario: 13%; and BC:12% )

Safety Deposit Box is available in all of our branches.