Foreign Exchange


-     Spot Foreign Exchange

Simple, secure and convenient way for businesses to conduct global trade, prepare for business travels or for bookkeeping convenience. If foreign exchange is done online, 3 tiers of promotional rates will be offered.

Advantage of Online Foreign Exchange:

- Real-time exchange rate and real-time trade to help you catch the market chance

- Automatically enjoy more favorable rates with different transaction amount

- Automatically enjoy extra discount rate for big portfolio clients

- Extra discount rate applied in electronical channel

Branch Foreign Exchange:

Provides foreign exchange for CAD, USD, HKD and CNY in cash

Favorable exchange rate offers you more promotions

-     Forward Contracts

A forward contract is special type of foreign exchange transaction. Forward Contracts allows clients to exchange two designated currencies at a specific time in the future with a pre-determined rate. The exchange rate can be set months before the trade takes place to eliminate the need for you to monitor exchange rate. These types of transaction can protect you from fluctuations in currency prices.


- Protect you against currency fluctuations

- Predictable cash flow

- Saves time and easily managed

- No need to monitor exchange rate