Commitment to Small- and Medium- Sized Businesses


We commit to the following standards while dealing with small and medium- sized business customers.


The Bank is open to communication and discussion with customers regarding their service needs. We provide customers with complete and accurate information, including information on contracts and service fees. Customers are given fair and reasonable notice prior to any change in their credit relationship, terms and conditions of contracts and service fees. All documents presented to customers are prepared in clear and precise language.


The Bank reviews and updates these Standards regularly and ensures that they are being followed by all employees who serve the small and medium-sized businesses customers.

A copy of this Commitment is filed with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

Credit Process:

Credit Application

When a customer applies for credit, we will make the following information available to each customer for the purposes of obtaining business credit:
  • Directions on how to apply for credit.
  • An explanation of the requirements needed to obtain bank credit (such as collateral security)
  • Guidelines on how to prepare a business plan.
  • An estimate of the time it will take before a credit decision will be made.

Credit Approval
  • Every credit application will be judged on its own merits.
  • When an application is approved, we will inform the customer about the terms and conditions of the financing including the information and documentation needed by the Bank both before and after the loan is granted. This information will also be provided in writing if a customer requests it.

Declined Credit

If an application for credit is declined, the Bank will inform the customer about:
  • The reason(s) for the decision.
  • The requirements necessary for the Bank to reconsider the application, if applicable.
  • Any available information on alternative sources of financing.

Changing Circumstances in the Credit Relationship

When customers experience a significant change in their business which could include financial difficulty, the Bank will
  • Carefully review the existing arrangement before deciding if any action should be taken.
  • Provide their customers with a minimum of 15-calendar days’ notice of any actions taken because of a change in the credit relationship.
  • Inform customers as soon as possible about any need of additional information and provide customers with opportunity to provide this information due to a change in credit relationship.
  • Inform customers any changes made to the terms, conditions, fees or lending margins that are specific to that customer’s credit relationship with the bank.

Handling Concerns

We respond quickly and openly to any concern a customer may have. If customers have a general complaint, they may click here for the Bank’s Customer Complaint Resolution Procedure.