ICBK Student GIC Program

Provide eligible proof of fund for your study permit application, and offer high-quality Canada-China international financial service.

ICBK Student GIC Program

Provide eligible proof of fund for your study permit application, and offer high-quality Canada-China international financial service.


Fast Approval Process

With possibility to receive your GIC certificate within 3 business days.

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Integrated Service

Integrated study abroad services provided by both ICBC China and ICBK Canada offering you comprehensive support.

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Nationwide Coverage

Provide remote activation service, free debit card consumption at all POS machines, and 3000+ free ATMs throughout Canada.

More international student financial services beyond a GIC certificate

Special Student Account

  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Easy account closure for students returning home after graduation
  • Intra-Group Remittance

  • Fast processing and delivery
  • Direct transfer within the bank Group, no intermediary bank fees.
  • End-to-end security and tracking
  • Free Online Tuition Payment

  • Even if you are not in Canada, you can pay tuition fee to about 200 local colleges and universities online for free
  • Learn More about supported College & University for online tuition payment

    How it works


    Before you have a Study Permit

    2. Visit a ICBC branch in China
    3. Check online for your "account opening confirmation"
    4. Check online for your GIC certificate

    After you arrive in Canada

    1. Send us an email of Arrival Notification
    2. Choose your activation method. Either at Branch or by Online
    3. Submit activation application
    4. Ready to use

    About ICBK Student GIC Program

    Wire at least CAD$ 21,200 for Student GIC of CAD$ 21,000, up to CAD$ 65,000. Learn more about Student GIC Release Term and Standard GIC amount.
    Program interest rate 0.2% p.a applies to the amount of Student GIC Certificate only. (You are not eligible for other GIC until you provide a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number)
    Service Fee of CAD$ 200 is non-refundable upon GIC certificate issuance.
    We accept Student GIC application for Minor Student (less than 18 years old). Learn More about Minor Student GIC Requirement and Policy.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    According to regulatory requirement in Canada, we need to verify your identity information before we process your GIC application. Therefore, you will need to visit our ICBC branch in China after submitting your application online. Thereafter, you will be able to view your account confirmation, view your GIC certificate, and activate your account online.

    We recommend using ICBC China Account for a quick and directly wire transfer at least CAD$21,200 which can save your service fee and intermediary bank fees. If you use other banks for remittance, we suggest you transfer CAD$21,300 to avoid insufficient fund for a GIC certificate, and the excess will be reserved in your student account after deducting the intermediary bank fee.

    Simply submitting an online form is not a formal application. You need to visit an ICBC Branch in China to complete the Student GIC Identity Verification service. After verifying your identity, the branch will help you submit a formal application, and then we will process it.

    Once you complete you application at ICBC China Branch, you can check your application status online on the next day. If it has been more than 2-business days or the status shows as "rejected", please contact us. There are no email or text notifications in the whole application process.

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