Global Debit Card


  ·        Introduction

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada) Global Debit Card (the "Card") is our brand new and unique dual-currency chip embedded debit card which is supported by INTERAC®, THE EXCHANGE® and China UnionPay networks. You can withdraw cash and shop all around the world. You are allowed to link Chequing and Saving Accounts to the Card and freely enjoy our Online Banking and Telephone Banking services as well. PIN Change Service is available on THE EXCHANGE network in Canada and Balance Inquiry service is available on THE EXCHANGE network and China UnionPay network. All the transactions in Chinese Mainland will be settled in CNY and others will be settled in Canadian Dollars.



·        The Card Acceptance Network

      INTERAC® : A national payment network that allows customers to access their money through ATMs and POS across Canada.

      THE EXCHANGE® Network : A network of banks and credit unions that have come together and agreed to never charge each other’s cardholders any ATM surcharge fees in North America, which connects over 3,000 ATMs in Canada with THE EXCHANGE® Network, and over 316,000 ATMs in the United States with the Allpoint Network. Financial institution members include HSBC, National Bank of Canada, ICICI and many Credit Unions.

      UnionPay International(UPI) : The UnionPay global acceptance network has expanded to 180 countries and regions, covering over 64 million merchants and about 2.9 million ATMs. Outside Chinese Mainland, UnionPay is accepted at over 35 million merchants and 1.75 million ATMs.


·        Lower Costs and More Convenience

- No ATM Convenience Fee/Sur-charge [1] when you access your money on THE EXCHANGE® Network.

- No need to worry about foreign exchange when you travel around and shop in Chinese Mainland through your   CNY account linked to the Card.

- No 2.5% currency conversion fee on China UnionPay acceptance network all around the world.


·        Contact Us

(1) Toll-free Hotline (Mandarin / Cantonese / English) : 1-877-779-5588 (Canada); Roaming service: 95588 (Chinese Mainland).

(2) Online Message: Please visit and leave message through the “Contact us” section at our homepage.

(3) You can download mobile application to locate the closest ATM.



  [1] There may still have a small amount Sur-charges according to some US states regulations.

Important Notice:
To prevent debit cards fraud in countries or regions those do not validate chip information, which may cause financial losses to you. Cardholders are required to notify us their traveling plan by calling 1-877-779-5588 if they expect to use their debit card outside Canada, in order to enable international transaction function.




Android user can download “The Exchange ATM finder”

Apple user can download “The Exchange Network ATM finder” and

Black Berry user can download “The Exchange ATM Locator”.


Fee schedule is subject to change from time to time. Please visit our branches for more details.

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